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 Annual Bull Sale

Monday, January 22, 2024
Torrington Livestock Market
Torrington, WY • 1:00 PM (MST)
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W elcome to the Doug Booth Family Angus Web site. Our farm and ranch is located northwest of Torrington, WY, which sets in the heart of cow/calf country. This area receives about 14 inches of annual rainfall. We are a family owned, operated, and farmed operation. We raise corn, beans, wheat, alfalfa/grass hay, and irrigated grass on the nearly 500 acres of irrigated farmland. Most everything we raise is used to feed our cattle. Our Angus foundation heritage goes way back as Doug's grandfather bought his first two-registered Angus femalesin 1938. Everything has expanded from there to equal the 400 registered and commercial cows we have today. Our cow herds are composed of three major areas. The first area is registered cows, second commercial cows, and the third is crossbred cows that raise club calves for 4-H and FFA kids to show. Our commercial cow herd is used to progeny test our top bulls that we sell each year as we finish out all the steer calves yearly and by doing this we are gathering feedlot data that has become very beneficial to our program. This data can show bull buyers what our bulls can do for them. The steer calves last year gained 3.9 ADG from day in to day out and converted 4.1 lbs. DM for one pound of gain. At the same time they graded 100% Choice/Prime and 89.4%CAB®.

Each year we have our annual bull sale on the third Tuesday in February in Torrington, WY, where we sell 100 bulls. The bulls that we sell are backed by a cow herd that is easy keeping, highly fertile, low maintenance and they excel in terms of performance. These bulls have been widely accepted by both commercial and registered cowmen from abroad. With the use of a complete A.I. and embryo transplant program, the Angus bulls and heifers we produce are low birth, high growth, have excellent maternal traits, and excel in carcass traits.

Annually we display bulls at the Denver Stock Show. This display is admired by many cattlemen for the kind, type, and genetics. The bulls displayed at the Stock Show are brought home to be sold in our annual bull sale. As many people have said, "you get more than you pay for when you buy a bull from our sale".

Feel free to stop by any time to see the cattle or view the place, the doors are always open.


Doug & Carolyn Booth
7618 Road 41
Torrington, WY 82240
Doug: (307) 532-5830

Dudley, Jennifer, Connor
& Kaleb Booth

4156 Road 82
Torrington, WY 82240
(307) 532-7179 (Home)
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